What is weight loss

With you reading this post, you know what weight loss is, but we also want to quantify what we are talking about for this post.

Weight loss in terms of creating a healthy body and lifestyle refers to reducing excess fat storage to create a leaner, healthier body.

Not all weight loss is healthy, as people lose weight for all sorts of reasons including health issues, both physical and mental, but as a fitness provider, we focus on healthy weight loss that will get you in great shape and feeling healthy.

How to start losing weight

With a healthy balanced diet, and frequent exercise you can create a calorie deficit and begin the process of losing excess weight.

There are no shortcuts to healthy weight loss, it’s hard work and dedication but the long term results are excellent.

By following a regular exercise routine and eating healthier, you will be on your way.

The first step is to find either a good personal trainer and gym and dedicate the time to travel to the gym and back each day, or find an excellent on-line home workout alternative where you only need to put aside a short period each day.

The main benefit to home training, is it’s much easier to maintain in the long run, where most gym goers are ither not consistant enough, or quit too early.

The Fueletics online training system is designed so you can get in great shape without the time investment required to make the gym consistantly.

Stay healthy

The mission of Fueletics is to bring out your inner-athlete, we all know it’s in there but it just needs help coming out.

The way to see long term weight loss transformation is through mindset and behavioural changes. By changing your bahaviours, you will change your results!

Hair loss from weight loss

There are many people afraid of losing hair through weight loss, and if this is something you are concerned about from a medical position it’s worth checking with your doctor.

But, in terms of if you should be concerned about the possibility of hair loss from weight loss, it’s the last thing you should worry about.

As your body adjusts and hormones change through weight loss you many notice some hair loss, but it’s likely to be minimal and grow back later once the body settles into it’s new shape.

The health benefits of weight loss, far exceed the risks of any short term hair loss.

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