Getting started with anything can be the biggest challenge, once you start and build a routine is when most people find themselves in the zone and that’s when we usually start to see progress.

Can you think of a time you wanted to start a new workout routine, diet or even to increase your daily steps but found it impossible to get things going?

I’ve pushed myself throughout my life to start different projects and each time it was difficult, but each time it got easier because I started to build confidence in myself that I would make it work if I got past that initial hurdle.

Starting a new exercise routine can be one of the most challenging things for someone who doesn’t believe it will work for them, and this disbelief makes it a lot easier to give up early in the journey.

If someone told you that by following specific steps, you would get exactly this result, you would be more likely to get started, it’s the unknown fear that holds you back.

This is the reason why it’s so important to set SMART goals before you start a workout or weight loss journey. Progress is the ultimate motivator, and if you set the exact goal you want to achieve within say six weeks and achieve, it will be much easier to continue with it.

A weight loss and fitness journey have many benefits, from mental, physical to spiritual and all transform you over time. It is the time variable that is important to recognise here because nothing happens overnight, this is the reason you have to find the inner strength to get started and then the discipline to keep going.

A weight loss and fitness journey can be whatever you make it, a tough, nightmare of a process where you miss out on your favourite TV programmes and snacks, or a new beginning and opportunity for you to come out of your cocoon a powerful, beautiful butterfly.

Only you can take the steps necessary to transform, just remember it’s always better to try and fail than to do nothing and live with regret!

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