As a man myself, I often get asked by other men what the best method of weight loss is, specifically for our sex.

To answer this in the best way possible I will always refer back to the data and my training. The data shows that both males and females lose fat over a period of time when they engage in fitness training and improve their diet.

It’s also clear that the type of training and diet results do not differ greatly between sexes. This means that men can get excellent weight loss results when they have a structured plan in place which can include a wide choice of exercises.

The important thing about training, in general, is to set a goal, and in this example where the goal is weight loss, the training would be designed in a similar structure with differences taken into consideration for your current health situation.

This means that both males and females respond to very similar training for weight loss, and this is the reason why so many classes are mixed. And that does tend to make sense, because if men only respond to for example HIIT and females to steady-state training, then you would be unlikely to see any females in your next spin class.

Several factors determine a man’s weight loss journey, however, the core principles of weight loss are nutrition and exercise. If these two elements are implemented correctly and there is a calorie deficit created then weight loss will be inevitable.

Men benefit from weight training as part of their weight loss training, and this should be incorporated into a plan which also includes cardiovascular training.

There are training systems like Crossfit for example which are excellent for weight loss, this includes a mix of resistance and cardio training.

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