Where weight loss shows first

It’s very easy to look in the mirror and find imperfections, little things on your body like maybe you have a belly, or you could be carrying weight around your hips, legs or face. 

When you see this in the mirror it may make you decide it’s time to start exercising, maybe just for a few weeks until you burn off the belly and then you can get back to normal again.

A lot of people who pay for a personal trainer have something in mind, like when you go to the hairdresser and you want a little bit off the fringe and sides and a tidy up everywhere else. 

The body is unfortunately more complicated than that. It’s like when people tell me they are doing sit-ups to burn belly fat without realising this isn’t how it works. 

Benefits of weight loss

There are many benefits to weight loss, including a healthier, fitter body. Less risk of long term illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and heart attack. 

Not to mention you will likely feel and look better as you burn off excess fat. If the health benefits alone are not motivating you then it’s also good to know exercise can lift your mood, make you more sociable and boost your immune system. 

Where will you lose weight?

There is one important fact about weight loss. As humans, we are all genetically unique and this means that we respond differently to exercise. In the same way, that for some people lifting weights may burn body fat for others, it will be long-distance running or swimming. 

In the same way, we all lose body fat in different ways. Some people will burn fat around their face first, while others may start around the waste. There are no specific exercises that will guarantee exactly where fat reduction will occur first. 

It’s for this reason that weight loss should be viewed as a lifestyle choice and not a short term fix, leave that for the hairdresser. If you commit time and energy to a good workout routine you will get great results. 

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