Before working out it’s important to get enough energy to complete the workout effectively, which means to work hard enough throughout the exercise routine to get your desired results.

It’s easy to mistake the idea of trying to lose weight with the notion of fuelling up – but your body is like a car – it needs fuel to drive.

There are several options for consuming energy before exercise, but a healthy and effective option is fruit. Not all are made equal so here are a few ideas for which fruits you should add to your next workout meal.


We’re starting with this one because it’s my favourite. Bananas provide a good amount of carbohydrates which will give you plenty of energy for your next workout. It’s a good idea to mix it with other things, for example, one of my favourites is banana, honey and peanut butter mix – try it out and see what you think.


This is another great fruit and will provide you with enough carbohydrates to get through your workout, it can be a bit boring by itself, but luckily there are many options for using Blueberries in your smoothie, porridge or with some low-fat greek yoghurt.


This is an excellent one from back in my Rugby days, mixing oranges with honey can make an excellent and natural sports drink, it will give you fuel to support your workout and one of the major benefits is you can have some during your workout, or at half time.

These are just some ideas of fruit you can have before your next workout. It’s always fun to be creative with it, and don’t be scared to throw a mixture of fruits into your blender next time you workout.

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